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If you vote for "other", or you a have a pet theory about the killer, just share your thinking on the live blog post below the poll.

Who is the killer?

Welcome to Harper's Island

If you voted for "other", or you a have a pet theory about the killer, just share your thinking on the live blog post below.


Thomas Politopoulos said...

Well i think its not abby or her father because well the father is looking for the killer and abby is kind of in the middle the killer wants to finish her. And it can't be Henry's brother JD there just makeing it look like its him , but hery is weird and i think just a small chance it him! And the little flower girl now thats creepy

Anonymous said...

I think it's John Wakefield, because they said the sheriff killed him, but I think that he let him live for some reason. Like maybe he wanted Wakefield to kill his wife. (IDK WHY!)AND there was all those weird posters the sheriff had that said "Another Wakefield" maybe he's crazy or Wakefield is actually really alive. I think the sheriff MAYBE is in on it... You know never know...

Now one question, why does everyone think that the killers Henry! I really don't get it!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking it is John Wakefield too. I think if they dig his grave up they will see it is empty. And the sheriff knows he is and has been looking for him.

Amy said...

I think it is the Sheriff and someone else. I believe that the Sheriff actually committed the original murders and framed Wakefield (I also think he is alive). I think someone found out and wanted to join the Sheriff so he/she could kill with their own adgenda with the expert help of the Sheriff. So in short I believe it is the Sheriff and at least one other person.

Anonymous said...

Ok I think that the killer is Jimmy Mance (the old flame) for many reasons. First Ben Welington was tied under a boat and shredded into bits. You need to be good with water, good with boats, and strong in order to do that. Next, the reverand's body parts were tied with FISHING string. Richard Allen was killed with a HARPOON also. Obviously a fisherman uses these type of materials.
Even after John Wakefields murders, there have been murders all over the island even when Abby was gone. So John had to still be on the island during that time so he could have killed those ppl. One theory is that Jimmy could be Wakefield's son and he can continue his father's deeds and possibly finish off Abby Mills.

Anonymous said...

im srry i screwed up my previous comment *So JIMMY had to still be on the island during that time so he could have killed those ppl.*

srry lol :)

SGS said...

My hunches thus far...

1. I believe the sherrif is the original killer, having created an elaborate scheme to conceal the murder of his intended victim - his wife. Why kill his wife? His love for his daughter.

Wakefield is a red herring - an outsider, easily framed and conveniently "offed" by the killer before he could attest to his innocence.

2. There is a second killer on the island, whom the sherrif has been tracking and who has been sending the sherrif "messages" such as the postcards. The murder of Kelly Seaver was also the work of this killer - a message of endebtedness sent to the sherrif. What else does being up to your eyeballs in red ink mean?

This killer is younger and was possibly groomed by the sherrif (perhaps to take the fall for the original killings until Wakefield showed up). He feels betrayed by his mentor and has begun a game of cat-and-mouse. The sherrif will use this to his advantage near the end.

Who is this second killer? I am guessing that it is Joel Booth, who faked his death in front of the perfect patsy - a man more concerned about the money than checking for a pulse or going for help. I also doubt he dug a proper grave, just some shallow ditch in a panic. Ten Little Indians, anyone?

3. I believe the sherrif has killed the "other man", the priest and the father of the bride. The second killer has killed the cousin, and Kelly, and possibly the socialite, Uncle Marty and the brother-in-law.

Why has the sherrif begun killing again? Again, I believe it is for the love of his daughter. I suspect he wants Abby and Henry together so she can be happy. The murder of the priest is a clue - why kill him to install the deathtrap? Why not just steal his hearing aid or better yet wait until the man was sleeping? The only reason I can think of to kill the priest was to stop the wedding.

The sherrif's intended victim is the bride-to-be.

Still weaving the rest of the clues together... Ciao!

Anonymous said...

I believe Booth is the killer. He's the only victim who hasn't been killed by the hands of another. I think he faked his death. Malcolm was too scared to really check for a pulse. I think Booth had to kill Malcolm because when the guys went to retrieve Booth's body, they would have found an empty grave. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)

Amy said...

Well. . .what if it's more complicated. Like maybe Abby's mom did something to set her dad off (like had an affair with Wakefield). Her dad snapped, committed the original murders and framed Wakefield. Now here day and someone else (I def think there are two people) let's say Jimmy are killing people. What if it's really twisted like Jimmy is Abby's half brother?

Lucas said...

well..i believe there are two killers on the island working hand in hand. Possibly a connection to Wellington's wealth.

Thomas Wellington and Richard are dead. Remember in one episode where Trish almost drowned by the pool? Trish was supposed to die too but was rescued. Hence my guess is Shea-Trish's sister, working hand in hand with some guy. It could be Henry, Jimmy or Booth. If Katherine dies in the later episode, everything will fall into place.

Let us go to the earlier episode in which Hunter died. Who else knows Hunter was on the island? Shea certainly does. And she certainly can influence her daughter Madison..who seemingly knows the killer.

So my vote goes to Shea and the mystery guy!

Jamie said...

It's Henry Dunn- the Groom ..........his brother is NOT the crazy one in the family ...HE IS!
He hated the Wellingtons for their power .....he only wanted to marry Trish to get back at her father .......

Joe said...

Uncle Ben

Joe said...

I meant cousin Ben

Bill said...

Cousin Ben. We are assumining the person under the boat is Ben Wellington. Realistically everyone else has alibis on 1 killing or another except Maggie Krell and I don't think that she has the ability to cpmmit these murders.

Anonymous said...

Wakefield didnt really die and he is back to finish what he started. He was making the sheriff help him so everyone would think he is crazy and that he is the one really doing it. But the only reason the sheriff helped was to protect his daughter. Madison should be beat becuz all that little girl does is lie to everyone. someone should have taught her to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

i think it's the frat boys and they lured Wakefield to the island for cover

theDeterminedObserver said...

Henry and Jimmy are working together; they lured Wakefield to the island and have Sully and Danny helping them...

theDeterminedObserver said...

...after all, what better cover for putting people through the gauntlet of the trial of sins... than Wakefield's return,

lazzybear said...

nice post

i really like this series

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anonymous who thinks the killer is Jimmy Mance because he is a fisherman/good with boats: don't forget the in the first ep Shane said something like 'Henry is pretty good with boats for a summer kid'

THOMAS WELLINGTON - "The Father of the Bride"

HENRY DUNN- “The Groom”
J.D. DUNN - "The Black Sheep"

ABBY MILLS -“The Good Girl”

RICHARD ALLEN - "The Brother-in-Law"
SHEA ALLEN - "The Maid of Honor"
MADISON ALLEN - "The Flower Girl"

BETH BARRINGTON - "The Single Girl"

NIKKI BOLTON - "The Biker Chick"

JOEL BOOTH - "The Nerd"

DANNY BROOKS - "The College Buddy"

CHLOE CARTER - "The Flirt"

LUCY DARAMOUR & GIGI - "The Socialite"


MAGGIE KRELL - "The Wedding Planner" (

JIMMY MANCE- "The Old Flame"

SHANE PIERCE- “The Townie”

MALCOLM ROSS - "The Hustler"

KELLY SEAVER - "The Outcast"


CAL VANDEUSEN - "The Outsider"

THE CANNERY is the island tavern for locals.

THE CANDLEWICK INN is a boutique hotel that was built back in the early 1900s

Jeffrey Bell as showrunner/executive producer
Ari Schlossberg as creator/co-executive producer
Dan Shotz as co-executive producer
Jon Turteltaub as director (Pilot), executive producer
Karim Zreik as co-executive producer
Robert Levine as Story Editor and writer
Robert Sizemore as Producer, Original Concept